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In recent times, the strings of career choices is vast and each of the career options seems to be robustly attractive to confuse students, which one to accept and which one to leave. In effect, what happens is that they get carried away by sheer amount of pay packets right at the beginning of their career. However, when they go down the career line picked in confusion, a majority of them get frustrated realizing that they have chosen the wrong profession – by that time, it is too late to change their career - And this is where one needs professional career guidance and career counseling.

We offer the most appropriate career guidance and advisory to students, so that they can opt for the right course . We have a panel of experts, the Riabisel Team offer the most appropriate career counseling, so that students can make the right career decision. We have identified some best career finding techniques that assist student to objectively assess their potential and pursue a career that best suits the individual. Our career advisory services are best suited for school students as well as graduates.

The Riabisel team put all effort and professionalism in assisting student to make great career decisions and choices. We help open student’s eyes to careers they may not have considered. Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions a person will ever make. Unfortunately, many people make career choices without much career guidance. The importance of career guidance also holds true for students who are choosing a college and ultimately choosing their major.

At Riabisel we assist students to get career guidance and career planning. One of the very best ways to begin is by taking an online career interest questionnaire proposed by our team. There is no need to leave career guidance and career planning to chance. We also identify student career interest through the Career  Interest Questionaire (CIQ) this is an excellent, effective and low cost way to identify student’s interests. We can also help a student walk through 3 basic step exercises on how to choose a career to help them identify their career interests.

At Riabisel we assist you in focusing on your interests. You will have a starting point that is uniquely about YOU and YOUR career choice. This is only the beginning of career guidance but a very important first step for student. With information about your interests, you can now explore a wide range of career options. The career focus is on you. With information about your interests, you can develop a career plan. We suggest you involve us in your journey and tap into other career planning resources as you move forward. @ Riabisel we know Career guidance is a lifelong process. By starting with an awareness of your personal interests, we can help you adjust your plan accordingly.
At Riabisel we offer Career Guidance that may help Individuals identify and explore potential career fields. This also help student in their career plans.  Riabisel team has assisted many high school and college students through CIQ to assist them in their career aspiration.
Visit the Riabisel Team and we will offer free guidance on the following:

1. Guiding and assessing student educational history.
2. Guiding and supporting student with the selection of course for study
3. Guiding and aligning the course of study to the appropriate university
4. Giving guidance and general advice to student on the course of study
5. Guidance in assisting student with Career Interest QuestionnairesCIQ
6. Guiding and addressing the interest of each peculiar student based on their career choice.
7. Giving Personal Guidance
8. Guiding and linking student previous learning to careers
9. Matching previous work experiences, Interest in advancement for further higher career.
10. Guidance to decide the Stream after class Xth.
12. Guidance for choosing right course in the right institution.
13. Guidance in assessing student capability based on his strength, weakness & overall Interest to pick     choice course.
14. Guiding Parents to help them decide the right career pathway for their children.
15. Guidance on future Prospects on the career opted by student. 
16. Guidance for further higher degree that will be relevant to their previous course of study.

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